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International Day for Biological Diversity

Building a shared future for all life
"A slogan chosen to continue building momentum and support for the post-2020 global diversity framework.

Aims of guiding global ecological civilisation, and stresses that human and nature belong to a community with a shared future. It holds that people shall respect, conform to and protect nature, and shall work to realise sustainable use and benefit sharing of biological diversity, as well as the Vision of Living in Harmony with Nature by 2050."

Biodiversity Conservation | Construction of Ecological Civilisation | Harmony between Man and Nature

"The Global Diversity Framework recognises that urgent policy action globally, regionally and nationally is required to transform economic, social and financial models so the trends that have exacerbated biodiversity loss will stabilise by 2030 and allow for the recovery of natural ecosystems, with net improvements by 2050."

"With global biodiversity loss at dangerous levels, 139 countries have received a lifeline to fast-track efforts to conserve, protect and restore species and ecosystems as soon as a new global accord currently under negotiation is approved."

What Can I Do?

The #BiodiversityDay campaigns for actions to be taken place around the world.

Here, I've chosen to highlight 2 of the lists from the Convention on Biological Diversity site, that we, as individuals can adopt: 22 Actions that Anyone Can Do, and 22 More Actions by Every Person Around the Globe.
22 is for the 22 May.

22 Actions that Anyone Can Do:
1: Clean up an area around you
2: Restore an area, near or far
3: Take pictures, not samples
4: Help animals, big and small
5: Prevent the spread of zoonotic diseases
6. Plant [native] trees, shrubs and plants
7. Consume responsibly
8. Save energy
9. Share
10. Buy bio-diversity-friendly products
11. Help someone stop smoking / anything that encourages healthy lifestyle
12. Enjoy urban biodiversity
13. Support companies committed to ethical standards
14. Change one habit that is negative for biodiversity
15. Ask businesses to source responsibly
16. Minimise waste
17. Learn about biosafety
18. Support biodiversity-friendly companies
19. Support environmental organisations
20. Raise biodiversity awareness
21. Empower someone
22. Celebrate Biodiversity Day

22 Actions by Every Person Around the Globe:
1: Be a green commuter
2: Go paperless
3: Ditch disposable, choose reusable
4: Reduce food waste
5: Shop for sustainably sourced palm oil products
6: Wash on full loads
7: Learn to refuse
8: Source sustainable produce
9: Travel sustainably
10: Use less water
11: Reconnect with nature
12: Reuse and upcycle
13: Spread the word
14: Take action against plastic pollution
15: Don't litter
16: Conserve energy
17: Stay informed
18: Volunteer with a charity
19: Recycle whenever possible
20. Embrace minimalism
21: Restore nature & biodiversity
22: Celebrate Biodiversity Day

Remember, any one action you can take is one step forwards. Start that ball rolling!

 #BiodiversityDay #COP15 #ForNature


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Image Credit: Convention on Biological Diversity

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