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23% of Londoner's clothes are unworn

In September 2018, charity TRAID claimed that 23% of Londoner's clothes are unworn, and realised something had to be done. And so, TRAID launched a campaign called "23 Percent" to take action.

Donating unworn or unwanted clothes to TRAID supports sustainable consumption and production as someone else can wear these garments, and thus avoid landfill.

In the first year of launch, from September 2018 to September 2019, 250 tonnes of tonnes of clothes were passed on to TRAID[1.]


- A tap running non-stop for 131 years uses 412,800,000 litres, the water footprint of these clothes

- Driving 5,992,665 miles in your car is equivalent to 2,451 tonnes of CO₂e, the carbon footprint of these clothes

So imagine how much more we can save, and also how we can change our consumption to avoid buying so much unnecessary items in the first place.

Take action and get involved. With TRAID, you can either book a collection to collect your unwanted garments, or you can donate clothes at one of their clothing banks nationwide. TRAID also have physical stores where you can either donate your unwanted garments or to purchase a garment there.

Find out more about TRAID, or to find a clothing bank near you, visit their website at: www.traid.org.uk

The 23% Campaign is one way to turn the goal of more sustainable consumption and production into a reality in our day-to-day lives.



1: https://traid.org.uk/23percent/




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