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5 things you should know

As our clocks go back, it gets darker earlier each day, making many of us lose our mojos' rather too quickly. I for one am finding it increasingly difficult to shake off procrastination!
I love that we live in a country where we have all the seasons but sometimes the transition can be difficult, so here are 5 things we all need to know as we navigate through the change in seasons.

  1. It's okay to not be okay.
    Now is not the time to be too hard on yourself. We all have a habit of resisting feeling 'bad' but we shouldn't. These feelings are normal, and will pass. You can't have the good all of the time.
  2. You don't always have to be productive. Resting is not laziness.
    Constantly being on the go 24/7 is actually counterintuitive to being productive. Our minds and bodies need time to rest to be able to recharge. Expecting too much of yourself to be productive all of the time does nothing but add on unnecessary pressure to your health. So give yourself a break!
  3. Change is the only constant.
    Nothing is really ever guaranteed in life. Everything changes all of the time, it's how we all grow. Never fear it, but learn to embrace it.
  4. All your feelings are valid.
    We are all very different people and react differently to various situations. There are no wrong ways to feel. We must listen and learn from what we all feel and have to say.
  5. You deserve to be happy.
    When we struggle, our self-esteem tends to go downhill, and we might feel that we are underserving of all the good things in our lives. Know that that's not true. We all deserve to be happy. You too.
We need to maintain our mental wellbeing in order to function and look after others, living our best lives. So live sustainably to prevent yourself burning out, never forgetting to look after yourself.
Now, I think it's time for that cup of tea!

If you are struggling, and it's becoming overwhelming, reach out for help to people you can trust. Or contact helplines, you can find really useful helplines online that may help you focus on your worries, or simply just to have someone unknown to you to talk to. Never struggle alone, there's people around you that care. And remember that always.

Photo: Ioana Motoc @ Pexels

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