A Kind Cloth Sustainable Sewing Magazine Feature

A KIND CLOTH made it into a magazine!

We are absolutely delighted that A KIND CLOTH has been picked up and highlighted in Simply Sewing Magazine's (issue 88) feature about sustainable sewing.

With the COP26 meeting happening in Glasgow, there is currently much talk and awareness about climate change and sustainability for our home planet. Conversation that we must uphold.

Individual actions cannot stop climate change itself, but it is these individual actions that create ripples of change and inspiration, creating awareness to a wider audience, to spur movement.

Titled "Creating Change", the magazine feature focuses on business store owners, such as myself, who put sustainability at the forefront.

In the article writes "Fast fashion is one of the highest polluters and the supply chain for creating a fabric is immense. If consumers understood what is required to get to the point of buying a garment, then we'd appreciate it, wear it, and care for it more. As humans, we often forget things when they are not directly in front of us! It is important that businesses inform and give customers a choice"

Let's all help to make positive change with our choices!

We hope you caught the magazine and enjoyed reading about us. You can take a look at our sustainable fabric range we have to offer here at A KIND CLOTH

Photo credits: A Kind Cloth

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