Three shirts in different fabrics on hangers

How to choose fabrics for your projects

It's easy to get overwhelmed and confused whilst shopping for fabrics online; when you can't touch and see the fabrics directly, it's hard to know what fabrics will work for your intended project.

In the picture above are three shirts made from the same sewing pattern but in three different fabrics. Below are the individual shirts, as worn by yours truly!

Lady wears a short sleeved button-front shirt in EcoVero Viscose fabric

Fabric Details

Composition: 100% EcoVero Viscose
Weight: 120 gsm

Lady wears a short sleeved button-front shirt in Organic Cotton fabric

Fabric Details
Composition: 100% Organic Cotton
Weight: 135 gsm

Lady wears a short sleeved button-front shirt in Organic Cotton & Hemp fabric

Fabric Details
Composition: 77% Organic Cotton, 23% Hemp
Weight: 145 gsm

As you can see from the photos, the top one with the EcoVero Viscose has a lovely loose flowing hang. It has a fluid drape and makes the shirt more of a blouse. Generally speaking, EcoVero Viscose fabrics are best for blouses, dresses, and skirts - anything that requires a fluid drape. (Always use a sharp needle when sewing with fluid fabrics like Viscose, as the fibres are generally finer, allowing for the drape.)

The second image is made using Organic Cotton. It is a plain weave, and holds the shirt shape quite well. Looking at the shoulder seams, you can see there is still drape in the fabric, though not as fluid as that of the Viscose.

The third image is made using an Organic Cotton/Hemp blend. Also a plain weave, the shirt is a simple plain shape. Looking at the shoulder seam areas, you can see here that the way the drape holds, it is a lot more crisp than the other two shirts. 

Another thing to point out is the gsm (grams per square metre). Generally speaking, the higher the gsm, the thicker the fabric is, which can act as a good gauge of how the fabric may behave. 

Of course, the technical details of each fabric and its structure varies vastly, so there is no one rule of thumb. This is why most fabric shops offer a samples service. We offer a Samples Service at the price of £1.95 (Free 1st Class P&P) to select up to 5 fabrics we have in-stock. Each sample is cut at approx 7cm x 7cm so you get to see the colour in person, and have a little feel of the fabric.
We understand that these small samples may not be enough to know whether the fabric is suitable for you. So if you have a project with a fabric in mind but are unsure, do get in touch with the fabric shop. We're happy to feel the fabric ourselves to give you our opinion on how we feel the fabric will work for your project.

The shirt sewing pattern I have used here is one of my favourites I always go back to. I find I tend to prefer making them in EcoVero Viscose fabrics, as I like the way it hangs on my body and the way it feels on me as I'm wearing it. It is the Aila shirt pattern from FibreMood, which I bought as a PDF from their website when it very first came out! A similar pattern I also love to make is Closet Core's Kalle Shirt which allows for a concealed button-stand, as well as different collar options. The Kalle Shirt pattern can be bought here and is part of my wardrobe staples! 

This is why I love having a me-made wardrobe - I can make things I like that fit me, that I will wear over and over and over again!

Photos by: A KIND CLOTH

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