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Planet vs. Plastics

On the 22nd April of every year, we mark the observation of Earth Day in a global effort to advance sustainability and climate action.

The theme this year is Planet vs. Plastics.

Global Plastic Treaty states that recycling is not the answer to our problems with the level of plastics around on our planet already. We need to aim for a 60% reduction in fossil fuel-based plastic production by 2040. "Study after study continues to reveal a disturbing prognosis: if current practices continue unabated there will be an increase in hormonal illnesses, cancers, and cardiovascular system damage related to plastic production and consumption." With such grim prospects, are calling on the United Nations and Governmental Organisations to commit to a Global Plastic Treaty. You can join in and sign the petition at:

To further achieve the 60% goal, they are raising awareness about plastic's harm to human and biodiversity health. They have produced a report titled "Babies Vs. Plastic" which highlights the potential dangers of plastics, microplastics and how their addictive chemicals can hurt our children. You can read this report at:

Fast Fashion are advocating for policies aimed at combating the environmental impact of fast fashion which relies on the use of synthetic materials made of plastics, such as polyester and nylon. Calling on consumers to reject fast fashion, to learn how fast fashion fuels overconsumption, disposability, and environmental harm while perpetuating social injustice through exploitative labour practices and a lack of regulatory oversight.

We need to call for investment in innovative technologies aimed at finding sustainable alternatives to plastics because plastics are made from oil and toxic chemicals.

Become part of the solution by getting involved, and help create a future where our planet thrives without the burden of plastics.
Visit for more ideas and tips to minimise the use of plastic, join their campaigns, and get involved with global clean ups. 

Let's look after our home.

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