Three bolts of patterned fabrics in a pile fanned out, beneath the text logo "My Dress Made"My Dress Made

"My Dress Made" was founded by Anne Long Nguyen in 2015. With quality fabrics and timeless designs for a more responsible approach to fashion and DIY production, My Dress Made is a company with a mission, committed through an ethical charter and concrete actions in the service of environmental and societal issues.

Sewing since the age of 7, Anne has since learnt that timelessness, quality and creativity must come together for ethical and sustainable fashion.

My Dress Made is based in France and looks to prioritise quality over quantity, favouring local French production for ethical and more responsible & DIY fashion. An ambition to participate in a new way of consuming “better and differently”.

At a small scale, their desire is to “produce in the right quantity” to regularly offer new small collections, printing on demand to limit waste, and collaborating with partners in France to generate half the carbon footprint than products imported from abroad.

Quality First
All My Dress Made exclusive fabrics are carefully printed in the Rhône Alpes region. Concerned about the environment, the materials are produced based on wood fibres sourced from ecologically appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable forest management.

The Fabrics
A pleasure to sew and to wear! You will discover the fluidity, the softness, the vivacious colours, and not forgetting the non-transparency... A real treat to put on or sew!

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Photo by: A KIND CLOTH

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