Scrap Busting Ideas!Textile doll decoration

Unless you are an incredible zero-waste pattern maker, you've probably got some odd-shaped pieces of fabrics leftover from previous sewing projects.

The most popular way of using up these scraps pieces, so as not to waste them, is to collect and save them to use as filling for cushions and the like. It's a great way to use up those really small pieces you probably can't use to make much else with (unless you like to patchwork).

A fun way to use fabric scraps can be to make dolls with them, mix and matching whatever fabric pieces you have leftover. If not to make dolls themselves, you could make clothes for dolls already in existence for loved ones.

Although one may assume that smaller sized clothes would be easier and quicker to sew than a full size garment, this is not always the case! Depending on how patient you are, and how nimble your fingers are, sewing with small pieces can be quite fiddly, be warned! Machine sewing may not always be possible as the seam allowances will be very minor, and so in some cases, hand sewing may prove a better option. But remember, however you make it, the final result will be too cute!

With the recent release of the successful Barbie movie, the named dolls have proven to be just as popular today. Hopefully many 'vintage' dolls have also been brought back to life! 

The wonderful Cindy Luby has written instructions on how to make Wide-Leg and Barrel-Leg pants, as well as a skirt for her Barbie doll, to share with fellow sewists. You can find this at the Sew Liberated Blog.

Have fun happy sewing!

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Photo by: omron2003 @ Pexels

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