Kufiya with Hirbawi logoHirbawi®: The Last and Only Factory in Palestine that makes the Original Kufiya

"From Palestine. For Palestine.
The Hirbawi factory and its artisans have woven the authentic Kufiya since 1961, promoting local and ethical Palestinian trade in a step towards the self-determination and liberation of our People."

The Kufiya, also known as "Shermagh" and "Keffiyeh" was traditionally worn over the head and shoulders by farmers, but has since become synonymous with the quest for Palestine freedom and independence. Worn by freedom fighters in the 1930s Arab Revolt, the traditional Arabic scarf or headdress became the uniform of Palestinian rebels, continuing on in solidarity with Palestinian heritage and independence from Israeli occupation. A symbol of resistance and sovereignty for the Palestinian people.

"Keeping tradition alive, the Hirbawi Kufiya is now the only Kufiya still being actively produced in Palestine. ⁠Yasser Hirbawi opened his historic factory in 1961.⁠

Each Kufiya headdress is handmade using a specific cross-stitching technique developed over decades. Only a handful of people still know these time-honoured techniques that are honed over many generations.

The kufiya is traditionally woven on two layers, the “base”, and the “pattern” or “flower” ( وردة) in Arabic."

You can purchase a Kufiya direct from Hirbawi at: https://www.kufiya.org
Due to high demand and the current logistics in Palestine, there is currently a huge back log of orders for them to work through. Please make sure to sign up to their newsletter to be the first to hear about the restock. According to their Instagram page, they are currently aiming to restock every 2-3 weeks!

Please be patient and be aware there is a growing problem of counterfeit Kufiyas around, with certain websites imitating Hirbawi's company and logos etc.
Hirbawi's Kufiyas are meticulously woven with generational expertise and are most definitely not printed!

"How to Identify a Hirbawi Kufiya"
It has been said that the pattern on the Kufiya represent fishing nets, and olive leaves, both which are rich in Palestinian culture. You can learn more about the Kufiya and its heritage direct at Hirbawi's website  https://www.kufiya.org
Support Palestine, and remember to write your MPs to make noise calling for a ceasefire.


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A Kind Cloth is in way affiliated with companies aforementioned. This blog is written in support of local business, especially in current times.

Photo Credits: Hirbawi

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