Lady wears a gathered at round neckline blouse, alongside image of blouse atop magazine pages

Me-made IRIS blouse

The 'IRIS', designed by Francesca Barbato can be made as either a dress or a blouse. The gorgeous design and sewing pattern can be found in TAUKO magazine issue 10.

I chose to make the blouse option, as I tend to wear blouses more often than I do dresses. The IRIS has wide raglan puff sleeves with buttoned cuffs and openings, a fully concealed button placket and double-fabric neck binding.

Fabric choice:

The red garment in the magazine is made in a beautiful sheer silk organza fabric, and is recommended to be made up in sheer organza type fabrics for an enchanting ethereal, romantic look. However, this isn't particularly my style, so I decided to make it up in an organic cotton voile fabric in white. I love white shirts and find they are easiest to wear as they pretty much go with whatever colour trouser or skirt I have to hand!

On making up the blouse, I must admit I was a little worried that the neckline gathering would give a bit of a church choir gown look, especially in the thin white cotton fabric! Fortunately, once made up though, I like to wear the blouse tucked into jeans and trousers and think it looks pretty cute! As the voile is a bit sheer, I am tempted to dye the blouse with some natural dyes keeping its soft look, but I do also like it as a crisp white, and worn over a camisole. Only time will tell what I decide!

Materials used:

Sewing pattern instructions:

I did try to follow the instructions to see how they fare. On they whole, they were pretty straightforward, and I understood what was required as I do have knowledge of sewing. However, I think beginner sewers would struggle with some of it, as it seemed a little wordy in places yet not clear on what was required! In particular, the section on making the collar to then attach to the button placket section was confusing.


I'm really enjoying my blouse. I can wear it while I'm working and also to go out for dinner or drinks straight after. It was a pretty straightforward make for me, but I think a lot of that had to do with the fabric choice. I think if you were to make it with a finer, loose-weave fabric (such as an organza), I fear the fabric would fray quite badly making the gathering sections quite tricky to sew up.

I'm looking at making another one of these blouses again in an organic cotton voile fabric but maybe in a black or a deeper colour for a chic look. I think making it in a poplin would create too much volume with all the gathering! The only change I would make, is to make the cuffs a little smaller so that they fit around my arm below the elbow, just so that when I push them up my arm, they will stay in place rather than hanging loose.

Now I've also got my eye on another pattern from TAUKO magazine issue 10! So many choices! Have you had a chance to read the magazine yet? You can grab a copy here now! Or have a look at previous issues for more inspiration!

Happy Reading and Happy Sewing!


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