Windmill farm

Renewable Green Energy

According to the BBC News article dated 11 May 2023: 

"Wind turbines have generated more electricity than gas for the first time in the UK." Now that is positive news!

"Solar and wind have seen significant growth in the UK. In the first quarter of 2023, 42% of the UK's electricity came from renewable energy, with 33% coming from fossil fuels like gas and coal."

Though this is all news in the right direction, despite the efforts of scientists, and campaigners, we have been too slow to act. "Billions of pounds' worth of green energy projects are stuck on hold due to delays with getting connections to the grid, with new solar and wind sites waiting up to 10 to 15 years to be connected because of a lack of capacity in the electricity system."

Hopefully with news about renewables being viable, the government will start to understand the real urgency of the issue, and get these projects moving providing them with what they need.



Photo by: Egor Kunovsky @ Pexels

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