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Who are they?
Lise Tailor is a French company founded by Lise Palmer. Having grown up with a seamstress grandmother knitting away, Lise naturally progressed onto sewing after the birth of her first son. Along came the idea of providing sewing kits, and designing her own fabrics, making sewing accessible to home sewists, as the craft is often seen as either old-fashioned or too technical.

“My wish is to enable each seamstress to create her own wardrobe, a wardrobe worthy of trendy Parisian fashion brands, admired on Internet and in the magazines.”

Why we stock Lise Tailor
We love the way Lise approaches her fabric designs. With thought for the environment and the product itself along with its future.

"By enhancing handmade stuff and creation, the brand deeply falls within slow-fashion, caring about each step of its production to be as more as eco- friendly as possible. Less but better, that is the motto. “Sewing your own clothes is to keep them preciously” assures Lise.
For several months, I track down the best fabric. The difficulty is to find the good balance between the ethical and technical qualities. I have to be certain that the factory i deal with is irreproachable regarding social and environmental concerns."

Ethical and ecological motivations
"Lise mainly works with viscose certified STeP by OEKO-TEX® and FSC (that is to say, not resulting from deforestation). An opaque fabric that is easy to sew because it is fluid but stable; perfect for sewing pretty dresses, blouses, skirts or shirts." Produced in Rhône-Alpes, France by a Living Heritage Company, barely 30km from Lise Tailor's workshop!

Respect of the Environment: Offering an ethical and responsible brand is also a key value for Lise Tailor. We work day after day to offer you products that are always more respectful, ethical and transparent.
Proximity - Most of our suppliers are located in France (fabrics, buttons, wools, patterns, etc.). However, we sometimes call on suppliers outside France or even occasionally outside Europe in order to find the expertise we are looking for at an acceptable price. We always try to favor local partners when possible and we only look abroad as a last resort.

Quality raw material: Certified fabrics, FSC, Oeko-Tex, REACH and manufactured in a GOTS certified factory since the new Winter 2021 collection.
Little by little and on her own scale, Lise Tailor tries to bring her contribution to the building by finding ever more sustainable solutions for the production of her fabrics.

Slow Fashion: Fabrics are printed in small series, mainly in France, for ethical and ecological reasons. When a collection is exhausted, there is no restocking; which makes it possible to integrate new products “and have fun“, while bringing rarity and uniqueness to the products.
Lise Tailor then takes the side of “Slow Fashion” and adopts just-in-time production in order to limit waste and overproduction.

Committed Production: Lise Tailor works with an ESAT: establishment and work assistance service reserved for people with disabilities and allowing their social and professional integration or reintegration.
It is thanks to the members of this association that the resale activity has been possible. They take care of all the handling related to fabrics, buttons but also the printing of sewing patterns.

Needless to say, their designs are so creative with a fun sense of colour to vamp up your wardrobe classics. Who said sewing was an old fashioned craft?!

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