Three viscose fabrics of different patterns displayed fanned out

Lise Tailor Fabrics
3rd MAY 2024

We love the way Lise approaches her fabric designs. With thought for the environment and the product itself along with its future.

Lise mainly works with viscose certified STeP by OEKO-TEX® and FSC (that is to say, not resulting from deforestation). An opaque fabric that is easy to sew because it is fluid but stable; perfect for sewing pretty dresses, blouses, skirts or shirts." Produced in Rhône-Alpes, France by a Living Heritage Company, barely 30km from Lise Tailor's workshop!

The new limited range has just dropped for the summer sporting some delicious prints:

OPULENCE takes us back to the abundance of a greenhouse protected from temperature variations where nature blossoms from the first rays of the sun. The flowers open onto an omnipresent bed of leaves. This oasis is based on shades of green ranging from dark pine tree to emerald while the petals are spread over an orange colour chart with a slight hint of pink. Like these colours, the sun reflects on the windows of a greenhouse to create a wonderful interlude where the plant takes all the space.
This motif is worn on everything and everywhere; from the tank top we love in summer, to the long, vaporous dress or a bohemian skirt.

LIANES What would an oasis be without its lianas that intertwine in a lush jungle?! They climb and wrap around trees to rise towards the sun. We find the flexibility of its stem in the undulations of the brush strokes. The wild side of this pattern is combined here with femininity with this shade of coral pink on a terracotta background to recall the importance of the earth which allows this nature to flourish.
This pattern is perfect for sewing a pretty summer dress in a mini or maxi dress version to enjoy the sun. These warm colours are ideal for flowing pants that will match perfectly with an old pink top.

EVERGREEN where the plant oasis takes on its full meaning! These large leaves with fine lines play on several depths. A strong green reveals a slightly bluish tint in the background. This plant world is reinforced by a deep green as a backdrop. The graphic flowers in orange-red hues bring ardour and break up this monochrome. This unusual plant reminds us of the firebird and its exotic beauty. Its ornamental foliage and astonishing inflorescences are undeniable the tropical beauty of our greenhouse.
The graphics of this pattern will lend itself to all your quilts for a unique piece. Combined with our sunset colour, your outfit will become flamboyant!

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Photo by: A KIND CLOTH


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