Three images of lady wearing a top, skirt, and combined as a dress

Why make co-ords and just not a full dress/jumpsuit

One of the things we can do to keep our wardrobe sustainable is to wear everything in it, time and time again.

Some people tend to find a typical 'capsule wardrobe' too plain and simple or too repetitive, and want to add more pattern prints in their wardrobe. 

Making 'co-ords' helps with this and gives you so much more options! Your plain coloured clothes are great for matching with bold or busy print fabric pieces, not only to show off the print, but to look more streamlined.

The picture above shows a top worn with jeans, a skirt worn with plain white tee, then both the top and the skirt worn together with a belt to look like a dress. In making the garments as two pieces, it means I get a lot more wear out of the items, as I can wear them on everyday occasions, rather than saving a dress 'for best'!

I do try my hardest to not save clothes 'for best' but wear them for times I need a boost of confidence, or to feel better about myself. Although I am trying to wear all my clothes the best I can to make sure I make the most of my wardrobe. 

Of course, the co-ords option doesn't apply to all dresses/jumpsuits. Certain sewing patterns such as asymmetrical designs need to be in one piece, and cannot be split into two!

Before I opened this fabric shop, I used to buy 3 metres of fabric at a time, whenever I saw some pretty fabric I liked, but never had an idea what to make with it. Making co-ords has been great for using up these fabric pieces too!

The top and skirt in the photo were made using a Lady McElroy sustainable option Viscose Challis Rayon. I won't lie to you, it was a very slippery fabric to sew, and required lots of patience and pinning! I now tend not to use Viscose Challis Rayon but use Viscose Poplins instead, as they are much easier to sew with, but still have the desired amount of drape!

Check out A KIND CLOTH's selection of Viscose fabrics here! (wood pulp from sustainably managed sources)


Photo: Marine @ A KIND CLOTH

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