Tauko magazine displayed on top of fabric surrounded by thread spools

Released 20th October 2023

Have you discovered TAUKO magazine yet? If you haven't, then be it known that it is a beautiful independent magazine filled with articles and designs around the world, along with sewing patterns and step-by-step instructions. If you get ever tired of reading, it also makes for a great 'coffee-table piece' too!

Designed to bring the sewing community together who have a big heart for the planet. TAUKO stands for a break or a pause in Finnish. It describes a strong, silent, and still movement that is almost impossible to notice.

TAUKO magazine issue no. 9 is dedicated to all things blue, for which we see a lot of in nature. Artists and researchers talk about the importance of blue in the world of textiles in a variety of articles, providing plenty to read into the dark evenings.

Released on the 20th October, you can pre-order a copy HERE to get it on your doorstep on release day* (hopefully)!

You can check out ALL the issues here at A KIND CLOTH. Plenty of beautiful back issues to catch up on!

Don't miss out and happy reading, and sewing!

* We will despatch pre-orders prior to the release date to arrive on your doorstep on the release date 20th October 2023. However, we cannot guarantee any delivery dates due to risk of delays at Royal Mail.


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