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I came across this wholesome post from Positive News that I wanted to share with you! Below is the brief outline of the article, but please read the full piece, where you can find the links to offer your help at: https://www.positive.news/society/10-ways-to-do-something-good-with-just-one-pound/?mc_cid=90f99c9543&mc_eid=e898e001ba

Positive News is the online and print magazine for, well you guessed it, positive news! With the state of current affairs, we most definitely need to highlight more positive news!

10 Ways To Do Something Good With Just One Pound:

  1. Make soup to share
  2. Plant a tree
  3. Buy a needle and thread and repair your own clothes
  4. Donate to a food or clothing bank
  5. Support Positive News
  6. Round it up and micro-donate
  7. Swap a meaty meal for beans
  8. Feed the local wildlife
  9. Invite a neighbour for tea and coffee
  10. Become a citizen scientist

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