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Royal Mail

From the 2nd April 2024, Royal Mail are set to increase their prices yet again. Postage prices were increased twice in 2023, first in April and then again in October. With constant price increases and shrouded by controversy, why do we still choose to use them?

Royal Mail is an established brand with more than 500 years of history, delivering six days a week to the 32 million homes across the United Kingdom.
It is no secret that consumer behaviour has changed as we now live in a digital world. Emails are chosen over physical letters, and online shopping has created a demand for parcel deliveries. The original infrastructure of Royal Mail does not serve well for these new demands, and so, it takes time and commitment to make the required changes across the nation. We have to trust and be patient. Like many corporations, there are huge obstacles to overcome on a regular basis. 

  • The biggest and main reason we choose to use Royal Mail over courier companies is due to the fact that Royal Mail have existing postal routes in place. E-commerce deliveries have a carbon footprint, courier services require drivers making individual journeys by road. That's a lot of extra journeys which is quite unnecessary.
  • When we pack our orders to you, we aim to pack in as small a parcel as possible, which means the postpeople can carry the packages easily on their routes, rather than requiring van deliveries.
  • Our local Post Office is within walking distance, and so we do not require the use of any vehicle to post your orders out.
  • We aim to use Tracked methods of posting when we can to eliminate the risk of loss of your parcel.

We appreciate the price increase from Royal Mail in the upcoming week is not welcomed (at all!), and so we have decided not to increase our postage costs to your orders! We last increased our postage prices in October 2023, when we could no longer absorb the price differences. Though we will keep our postage costs the same for now, we will have to revise our prices should there be any significant price increases in the year in other areas such as packaging supplies etc. Fingers crossed, this shouldn't be required!

You can check out our Deliveries and Returns Policy by clicking here.

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