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ReVivo by VivoBarefoot

Big brands are listening and putting their best foot forward to help tackle the consumer crisis. What great news!

Recently, as I was scrolling on my Instagram feed, an ad came to my attention. Did you know that "More than 25 billion pairs of shoes are manufactured each year, and 90% of them will end up in landfill - often within 12 months of purchase."![1.]

In the words from VivoBarefoot: "it’s a pile of rubbish we don’t want to add to – and we’re sure you don’t either.

That's why we created ReVivo: our way to make sure Vivobarefoot stays on feet for longer.  ReVivo is our community of barefooters who want to do that little bit more; buying refurbished, returning used and getting well-loved Vivos mended, ready for more adventure.

And ReVivo will grow as we develop new ways to keep our footwear in use longer; producing less, wasting less, mending more and, ultimately, chucking out nothing at all. Because we want Vivobarefoot to be regenerative: for feet, people and planet.

This is the beginning of the ReVivoLution."[2.]

Shoes are revived and reconditioned by highly skilled craftspeople using the most sustainable products to extend their life as long as possible. They are cleaned then sanitised, and the price of re-sale is dependent on the shoe's condition.

Not only do they repair and resell old shoes, they also provide a repairs service for their UK customers to ensure they can be worn for as long as possible, avoiding landfill.

Now that's work we like to hear about! Let's keep it up!

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Photo by: Dmitry Demidov @ Pexels

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