Unlined felted wool jacket on hanger

SOLVI Jacket by Vanessa Hansen
TAUKO Magazine #4

Remember the fabric destash event back in January? Hosted by Olive Road London, and Stash Hub on January 20th earlier this year, I donated some of my unused fabrics, and gained a few new pieces! Read more on my blog: London fabric Swap - Saved From Landfill, January 26, 2024

Line illustration of short jacket

One of the pieces I acquired from the destash was a lovely blue wool. A 1.2m sheet of blue boiled wool (I later met the donor who told me it was a blanket they had in their stash for about 20 years, but being a colour they never wear, they felt ready to donate it). On seeing the fabric, I immediately knew I wanted to make the SOLVI Jacket by Vanessa Hansen from TAUKO magazine issue #4.

And here we are, all made up!

Wool jacket on hanger

SOLVI is based on the jacket worn as part of a traditional Norwegian folk costume. It can be made from boiled or felted wool, with or without facings.

The jacket is designed to be worn open but sew-on press snaps or working buttons can be added in instead of attaching decorative buttons on the sides.

As the fabric is of a lovely bright blue, the SOLVI works great as it needs no lining, and lets the colour shine with no distractions! As a short jacket, this also keeps the fabric light and makes for a good throw-on piece when transitioning from a winter wool coat.

On making the jacket and trying it on, I decided it looked better with the collar break further down the front, so I gently steamed the breakline down to the hem. I feel like this opening suits me better especially being worn open. In doing this, I decided to omit any buttons or fastenings completely. 

I followed the instructions as per the magazine guidelines, topstitching along the seams which I love the look of. On finishing it, I decided the short length was still a little too long for the proportions of my body, and so I trimmed off 1¼ inches off the hem and sleeves, stay-stitching across the seams prior to trimming down to prevent any future unravelling. 

A quick sew as there was no need to finish off the hems, and I managed to make it with under 1.2metres of fabric! I think this fabric destash was meant to be! I love the outcome and can't wait to wear it once we get warmer weather when I can finally let go of my winter coat!!

Wool jacket on hanger lays atop a magazineThe SOLVI jacket sewing pattern by Vanessa Hansen can be found in TAUKO magazine issue #4, available to purchase here!

Take a look at the other issues of TAUKO magazine, and all the wonderful patterns they have to offer too! Just click on this link!

Photos by: A KIND CLOTH
Line illustration: TAUKO magazine

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