Standing in Solidarity with AAPI

Stop Asian Hate

Standing in solidarity with the families and friends of the Atlanta shooting victims.

Soon C. Park, 74
Hyun J. Grant, 51
Suncha Kim, 69
Yong A. Yue, 63
Delaina Ashley Yaun Gonzalez, 33
Paul Andre Michels, 54
Xiaojie Tan, 49
Daoyou Feng, 44

Innocent people going about their daily business had their lives cut short by the senseless actions of another.

It is with a heavy heart to have to write this post. The past week's events have been incredibly hard hitting for AAPI (Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders). As someone of Asian descent, I can tell you first hand how the global ESEA (East and South East Asian) communities have grappled with grief, anger, fear and frustration. It has been exhausting to say the least. Though I have been outspoken on my personal social media accounts, I remained quiet on the business front. Why? Because I originally felt it wasn't part of this business. But it is. And very strongly so. If anything, I've realised how wrong it was for me to have stayed silent on here for so long. In the UK alone, reported anti-Asian hate crimes have increased by 300% in the last year. We need to show up for our Asian community.

Now this is not the blog for examining the depths of racism and hate crimes, but to honour the memories of the victims and their families. We are sending love, and stand in solidarity to all in the community. #StopAsianHate

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