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A sustainable fashion initiative

Imagine getting on a flight with less clothes, but then collecting clothes at the hotel destination. This could be a reality for passengers travelling to Japan with Japan Airlines (JAL)!

A sustainable fashion initiative to reduce your carbon footprint, JAL have launched a clothes rental service called "Any Wear, Anywhere". Currently in its trial period, the idea is to rent clothes that you can collect on arrival at your hotel, and wear during your trip. Afterwards, you can simply place the clothes back into the bag and leave the clothes at the hotel reception. It couldn't be simpler and you can travel to the airport and on the airline with minimal luggage!

"All clothing items available for rent will be obtained from excess stock of apparel and pre-owned clothing, thereby promoting the concept of a circular economy. JAL will monitor changes in passengers' checked-in baggage weight and verify the reduction effect of carbon dioxide emissions by reduced airplane weight due to use of the Service."[1.]

Some interesting statistics from Any Wear, Anywhere:[2.]
  • 7.5kg is the estimated CO2 emissions reduced with 10kg less baggage using the "Any Wear, Anywhere" service on a flight from Tokyo to New York
  • 7.5kg reduction of CO2 emissions is equivalent to prohibition of using a hair dryer for 10 minutes for 78 days.
  • Each person has approx 7.5clothes that haven't even been worn once in a year
  • 66% of clothing waste ends up in landfills or are incinerated
  • 100% is the procurement rate of 'Any Wear, Anywhere' arranging overstock apparel or used clothing to be discarded.

"Each kilogram of baggage requires fuel consumption, resulting in higher carbon emissions. This move directly addresses this concern by providing an eco-friendly alternative and promoting flights with minimal luggage. By minimising the weight carried onboard, the airline helps mitigate the environmental impact of air travel, fostering a more sustainable industry."[3a.]

"The airline industry is under growing scrutiny to reduce its carbon footprint. JAL’s efforts demonstrate how conscious decision-making and innovative solutions can revolutionize travel and promote a sustainable future."[3b.]

We love this idea and hope it becomes more widespread and a popular way to travel. For the time being, when travelling, always make sure to travel as light as possible!
What do you think? Would you use the service?






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Photo by: Timur Weber from Pexels

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