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Fabric scraps - Zero Waste

To live a conscientious life, one of the main things to do is to avoid waste. When it comes to dressmaking, unless you are using a specific zero-waste pattern, you will find you are left with many scrap fabric pieces leftover from the spaces in between the cut pattern pieces. 

Personally, I keep all these scrap pieces, and find that they come in useful as pocket lining pieces, to put together to make bias binding, or to use as fabric cover buttons. 

As we are encroaching Christmas incredibly soon, (how does it always manage to creep up on us every year?!), another way we can use up fabric scraps is to make a patchwork Christmas stocking, either as a gift or for yourself. You don't need any specific Christmas style designs, your fabrics can be of plain colours, and any type of fabric scraps will work great for this project. 

Patchworking is a very skilful art and it can feel a little daunting to start such a project. A Christmas stocking is a great way to learn as it is small enough to get your teeth into and practise those skills, but without being too overwhelming.

There is a wonderful article from Helen's Closet Patterns back in 2020 which gives great instructions and placement ideas to make the most of your fabric scrap pattern designs. You will find this at:
Written by Helen Wilkinson of Helen's Closet Patterns, it provides a great read to get inspired and put those smaller fabric scrap pieces to good use. With examples and ideas of how to arrange your scrap pieces, it also gives instructions on how to make those stockings quilted, which also gives them a more professional finish! 

Let's get inspired!


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Photo: Erik Mclean @ Pexels

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