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What is Modal?

Modal is a cellulose fibre obtained from beech wood. Like EcoVero Viscose and Lyocell, the fibres are made from wood pulp with various components that change its mechanical properties. 

Is it sustainable?

Composed of natural material, Modal fibres are biodegradable and compostable meaning it reverts back to nature.[1.]

As Modal fibres are derived from beech wood, it is very important that the wood is procured from sustainable forestry. Leading brand Lenzing ensures that more than 99% of their wood comes from sustainable forestry, certified or controlled according to FSC® (FSC-C041246) and / or PEFC™ (PEFC/06-33-92).[2.]

Chemical reactions and solutions are required to produce the fibres which can be incredibly harmful to health and the environment if not handled responsibly. Lenzing have a strict criteria to ensure that chemicals are handled safely and effectively to reduce impacts on human health and ecological systems. Proper recovery and emission treatment equipment is required to prevent air and water emissions and close the loops in the production process.[3.]

Therefore cellulosic fabrics are only considered sustainable if best practice is put into place from wood procurement, and all throughout production.

What are its properties?

Modal is known for its natural softness and comfort. It has efficient moisture management, enhanced breathability, and good colour fastness.

"Exhibiting high flexibility, TENCEL™ Modal wood-based fibers offer textiles a long-lasting quality of exquisite softness. Owing to the fiber’s sleek cross-section, TENCEL™ Modal fibers enhance the soft touch of fabrics even after repeated washing."

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What is Modal Fiber?


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