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Why should I aim for a "Capsule" Wardrobe?

What is a Capsule Wardrobe?
A capsule collection is a curated selection of garments that can be mix and matched, complementing each other. Interchangeable garments allow you to create a variety of outfits with a limited selection of clothes. Less clothes also means less stress in choosing what to wear on a daily basis.

Why is a Capsule Wardrobe Sustainable?
Clothes in your capsule collection will most likely be classic styles as they will be interchangeable. These timeless pieces will be worn for years as they will not ‘go out of season’. A limited wardrobe means that the garments in your collection will suit you, and therefore you will wear them all. You’ll invest in quality clothing that last for long periods of time. And when it comes to purchasing/making new garments, you’ll be more mindful of what you choose. All in all, less waste, more appreciation.

How many items should my Capsule Wardrobe have?
There isn’t a definitive answer to this. Each person will have a different number depending on their lifestyle. The most sustainable way to create a Capsule collection is to use the clothes you have already. There’s absolutely no need to buy new items to make a capsule collection - this defeats the idea of living sustainably. Start by evaluating your clothes, what can be worn most with other items. What do you wear most and feel comfortable in.

Should I only have neutral colours in my capsule collection?
A common misconception is that to have a capsule wardrobe means you just have a neutral palette. Whilst neutrals are easier to work with as they tend to match each other, this is irrelevant if this doesn’t suit your personality. You can have a mix of colours in your collection if you like. But make sure you choose one base colour, one neutral colour that you can pair with with other garments. For example, a neutral plain black jacket you can wear over your colourful blouses will avoid colour clashes.

What about the different seasons?
As the weather changes, you may require thicker or thinner items of clothing. If you have the space, you can create collections for each season, so you can alternate the collections accordingly. However, your capsule collection should really work throughout the whole year. Think about what items can be worn both as layers as well as on their own.

Need a new item? Make it!
If you’ve finally worn out a much-loved garment, or you are missing a vital piece of clothing to bring your clothing together, think about making it instead of buying it. You’ll know what styles suit you, and what colour to choose. You can even add your personal design to the garment, creating a better fit, personalising it to you, creating individuality.

Take a look at our collection of sustainable fabrics to make your garments. Fabrics that haven’t harmed the environment or people in the production process, using no chemicals that could harm you the end user.
We also have a selection of independent sewing patterns of classic, well designed, contemporary garments that can be worn year-round. Perfect for a capsule wardrobe!

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