Makes - Cuff Top by The Assembly Line

By Marine Wan. 25 March 2021.Lady wears Cuff Top in Double Gauze

I love the look of the Cuff Top but I have been putting off making it for a while, as I've wanted to concentrate on more detailed makes. I found I had just under a metre of fabric left over from a previous project, and this pattern proved perfect for it! And may I say, I love the outcome - it's uber soft and perfect for these in-between seasons! 
I've made the top with the Merchant & Mills Bloomsbury Green in an Organic Cotton Double Gauze. (In this photo, I am caught mid sorting out my dodgy lockdown fringe cutting!!)

The Cuff Top  is very easy to make, and I would definite recommend this one for beginners, and for those looking to make their first make. Though I used a double gauze cotton, I wouldn't recommend using this as a first make, as the wrinkly-ness may cause you a few problems when sewing. (Double Gauze is two pieces of fabric held together by stitches hardly visible to the eye. Thus, the fabric benefits from a walking foot on some sewing machines. And always remember to use a fresh sharp needle!) As a beginner, I would suggest you use a cotton lawn, or a linen.

This was the first of The Assembly Line sewing patterns I've used. The pieces are spaced out and do not overlap, with the size lines clearly marked. The pack comes with an instruction booklet, which gives you step-by-step instructions with diagrams on how to make the top. Very straightforward, with a small section explaining the seams you will use at the beginning. I would definitely recommend this pattern for newbies and advanced sewers alike!

I'll definitely be keeping this pattern for those random off-cut pieces of fabric I seem to have. A sustainable win! And if using double gauze again, I could probably afford to go a little on the slimmer side if I didn't have the right width fabric as I found the final top quite roomy. 

A simple but stylish top, you can change the final look and style by choosing different fabrics to use. I can totally see how this pattern will become addictive!

All fabric choices, pattern choices, opinions, photos are all my own.

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