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How I find sewing helps my mental health

This year, World Mental Health Day fell on Tuesday 10th October, and it was great to hear it being mentioned on the radio and around the internet. Personally, every day is a mental health day. Without healthy wellbeing, I do not function well. Simple things like remembering to breathe. But like really breathe! And deep long breaths when I feel my inner nerves are about to bring on an irrational bout of anxiousness. You'd be surprised how easy it is to forget to do these simple things sometimes!

Sewing for me is a great natural process in mindfulness. As a skill, sewing requires concentration. This requires your full attention and prevents procrastination.

Once I start a sewing project, I naturally enjoy the process which I then realise I find nourishing, and that brings me joy.

When the project is finished, there is an element of pride, and brings along with it: confidence.

All these values contribute to a more fulfilling way of living, which in turn encourages me to continue on with the never-ending list of tasks in our daily lives!

Mindfulness is the focus of being present, so feeling the fabric, the textures, the colours, how it handles etc. really brings your senses alive and to enjoy.

This of course is personal to me, and may not be the same for other people. For me, sewing then helps remind me to live more in the present moment, again, as simple as reminding me to go back to my breath.

So the next time you do some sewing, practice some mindfulness! If you get frustrated about something not working, pause and take a few deep breaths. Maybe have a break and have a cup of tea to re-set. Then practice this during chores in the rest of your day and beyond.

Never be punishing on yourself. Life is about learning and to enjoy.

Enjoy what mindfulness brings! xoxo

Photo by: Anete Lusina @ Pexels

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