New Fabrics Coming In!

I love sourcing new fabrics and discovering new things. I may not have discovered anything new as such but I have found some beautiful Hemp and Linen fabric blends I cannot wait to share with you - some gorgeous chambrays which will be perfect for those springtime layers!

Hemp is known as not being particular fashionable; a harsh hard fabric typically associated with peasant-style, sack-like shapes. However, when blended with other natural fibres, the handle can change, creating drapery - much more ideal for blouses and more fitted garments.

Did you know that Hemp naturally controls pests, which mean that pesticides are not required to help them grow. A strong hardy plant, the roots protect themselves against any weeds or plants that try to grow in their space, and require little water. Why can't more plants be like this?!



Cover Photo courtesy of Tomáš Hustoles @ Burst

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