Plate of tofu, glass of soymilk and scattered soybeans

That's correct, soybeans!

Isn't the world a wonderful place, we can make almost anything out of everything. Well, almost!

Soybean protein fibre is from soy pulp, which is an insoluble part of soybeans, and a by-product of tofu and soy milk production. This makes the fibre both environmentally friendly and biodegradable: a sustainable fabric.

As a fabric, it is smooth and soft: a delicate fabric but which absorbs and releases moisture very quickly. It is also shrink and wrinkle resistant with anti-bacterial properties, and is often blended with other fibres to increase its drape and strength. It takes dye well and holds its colour.

Soybean protein fibre is also known as soy silk and vegetable cashmere. The finished product has a natural sheen and is very smooth in texture. Self-explanatory as 'soy silk', the fabric is wonderfully slinky and one can only imagine how splendid a bias-cut dress would be made with it! Sustainable and eco-friendly, it's a win-win!

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Fashionary Team (2021), Textilepedia, Fashionary International Ltd, Hong Kong


Photo by Polina Tankilevitch from Pexels

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