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17 OCT 2022 - 23 OCT 2022

In the UK, we are incredibly lucky that we have kerbside recycling. We don't even have to carry all our rubbish to a local tip, we just have to go outside of our properties!

Why is Recycling important
As humans, we are producing more products than the planet can handle. Recycling helps to reduce our impact of consumption, helping to save energy, and reduce greenhouse emissions. Recycling not only cuts down the need for landfill, but also reduces the need for extracting, refining and processing raw materials, of which all create substantial amounts of air and water pollution.

Recycling makes best use of our limited natural resources.

If you ever wonder what difference does it make, let's put it this way, if everyone in the UK recycled an empty aerosol, enough energy would be saved to run a TV in 273,000 homes for a year![1.]

So let's get recycling!

Common mistakes
The following mistakes are commonly made when it comes to recycling. It can get confusing, as unfortunately, it all depends on where you live. Boroughs can vary vastly about what can and cannot be recycled, especially if you have kerbside recycling. So please do check with your local council.

  • Toothpaste tubes cannot be recycled in general kerbside recycling. Stores like Boots can take them in their recycling schemes.
  • Liquid soap bottles cannot be fully recycled. The plastic bottle may be recycled but the pump dispenser needs to be removed. Stores like Boots can take them in their recycling schemes.
  • Empty aerosols may not be able to be recycled in its usual packaged state. It needs to be separated first, so any plastic caps need to be removed first.
  • Cardboard boxes from online shopping. These can only be recycled once you have removed any plastic packaging tape from them first!
  • People often think that kitchen foil cannot be recycled. However, most recycling facilities can, they just need to be cleaned first.

Don't forget to rinse any food packaging before throwing it in the recycling bin. Let's not risk any mould and bacteria contaminating our recycling. Save any food type recycling for a rinse with the dishwashing water at the end of your washing up. Helps to save water too!

All packaging used at A KIND CLOTH is either recycled, or is made of recycled paper, and can be recycled. 

There is a misconception that paper can only be recycled a few times. Where paper fibres can start to break down once they have been recycled about 5 or 6 six times, they can however still be used in egg cartons, loft insulations, paints or even new road surfaces.[2.]

Did you know that paper can even be recycled into buttons! Check out our range of recycled paper buttons available here at A KIND CLOTH!

Isn't that incredible, let's reduce our waste wherever we can. Remember the 3 R's: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!





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Image: The Waste and Resources Action Programme 

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