Man with a spade in action planting trees

 23,060 trees in 24 hours!

You know we love a positive planet story here at A KIND CLOTH, and we recently learnt this fascinating fact!: 

The most trees planted by an individual in 24 hours is 23,060, and was achieved by Antoine Moses (Canada) in La Crete, Alberta, Canada, on 17 July 2021.[1.] 

Isn't that incredible?!! By hand!! “I was planting a tree every 3.5 seconds so it goes around 16 trees a minute.”[2a.] 

At the age of 23, Antoine set out with his crew to plant as many trees in the space of 24 hours. "The weather conditions were perfect, long daylight hours with approximately 19 hours of light, overcast skies, a high of 16 C and a low of 5 C and a light rain for close to half the day. For the five hours of darkness the pit crews provided light with high intensity lamps. The planting was documented using the guidelines laid out by Guinness World Records. After 14 hours and 51 minutes of straight planting, Moses had surpassed the old record of 15,170 trees held by Kenny Chaplin, set in 2001."[3.] 

Known as an athletic tree planter, Antoine Moses started planting trees at the age of 17 as a summer job, and has continued planting trees ever since!

6 years later he’s still planting trees, maybe just a bit quicker now, and is responsible for the planting of over 1 million trees across Canada, something he still can’t wrap his head around! And it seems like this number will continue to grow as he has no plans have stopping anytime soon.[2b.] Let's all be more like Antoine!







Photo by: Blue Collar Silvilculture, Greg Brown (Summit Reforestation)

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