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Inflation everywhere

How scary is it, waking up to news and emails about more and more price increases. It's terrifying, and I know we're all tightening our belts, saving wherever we can.

One of my aims when opening A KIND CLOTH was in creating awareness in how we treat our planet, and to make sustainable fabric more accessible to home sewists.

At the moment, for various reasons, we are seeing price increases everywhere across our daily living routines, especially within our energy industries. 

Here at A KIND CLOTH, we have made the decision to hold our prices for the time being, so as not to add another increase in your expenditure. In full transparency, it is not sustainable for us as a small business to absorb all these increased costs for a long time, and so, we will hold our prices for now but this will be reviewed in 3 months time. 

Here in the UK, our shipments are mainly carried out through Royal Mail. As you may have heard, postal prices are due to increase from the 4th April, 2022. Our Postage and Packaging prices will remain the same to you:

- Orders over £50 will be free First Class
- Orders up to £49.99 will remain at £2.95 for First Class, and at £2.25 for Second Class delivery.

For more information about our delivery policy, click here

We hope you appreciate our decision during this difficult time, and thank you for your continued support. You can take a look at our sustainable, planet-friendly, dressmaking fabrics we have to offer here.

We know this situation can be incredibly overwhelming. Try and find the joys in the smallest of things. One of my favourite things to do to get me out of a dark hole, is simple through browsing on Instagram. Your makes and fabric choices are so inspiring that it quickly gets the creative side of my brain excited again!

If you need more help and assistance with any matter, please reach out to those you trust and seek help.

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