What To Do With Scraps

Pile of various fabric scrapsA KIND CLOTH encourages minimising wastage. Here's a starting point of ideas with what you can do with those pesky fabric scraps you accumulate after a project!

Please comment below to share your ideas too, what do you do with yours?

    • Back with organic cotton/bamboo towelling to make reusable cosmetic wipes
    • Stitch pieces together to use as bias tape
    • Stitch pieces together to make piping. This is great for pattern scraps for contrasting piping - it's all about the detail!
    • Use scraps for facings or as pocket linings
    • Sandwich with interlining to make bookmarks
    • Shred into smaller pieces to use as filling/stuffing
    • Make small bean bags to use as pattern weights
    • Patchwork in style - for example, sew 2 large pieces together to create 1 front piece to use as a top front, creating a half and half pattern.
    • Make patch pockets with them, and add to plain tees
    • I'm sure you already have - face masks!


Add your tips and ideas in the comments box below!


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