Sustainable fabric leaves hung on a rope


Here are 5 reasons, broken down to help you understand what makes a fabric sustainable, and why it's the better choice!

  1. Better for the Planet - Sustainable fabrics are called as such, because they have been made using processes that have less impact to the environment compared to traditional manufacturing processes. Many sustainable processes use a lot less chemicals or no toxic chemicals at all. Water used within the processes are filtered and recycled back into themselves.
    Synthetic fabrics will shed microplastics that last on the planet for eternity though breaking down continuously. Through wash and wear, these plastics find their ways into our waterways into our wildlife. Sustainable fabrics are biodegradable.
  2. Better for People - As there are less or no chemicals involved in the processes of sustainable fabric manufacture, this means that workers are not exposed to any toxic chemicals on a long term basis. Fabric companies that use sustainable practices look after their workers, ensuring they are being paid fairly as well as working in safe environments.
  3. Better for You - Little or no chemicals used in sustainable fabric manufacturing mean that there will be no residues left on the finished fabric. Your skin will not come into contact with any toxic chemicals.
  4. Quality - Sustainable brands are caring brands, and you'll find many sustainable companies use certifications to prove their products are safe to use, and have gone through stringent checks to ensure the wellbeing of all.
  5. It's Personal - Knowing all the hard work that goes through making a fabric, the sustainable way, teaches us to love our clothes. We use this to create our personal styles, which reflect our personalities, and are timeless. Thus creating garments we can wear year in, year out. No fast fashion here.

Sustainability shouldn't be a specialised topic. It should be the norm. Here at A KIND CLOTH, we try and share what we learn in order to promote a better planet for all.

If you need new fabrics to make garments for your capsule wardrobe, take a look at the range of sustainable fabrics we have to offer here!


Photo credits: Designecologist @ Pexels

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